The #1 Secret to Make Online Dating Work for You is to Have
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MAY 10-14, 2021
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I will work with you in my FREE Online Dating Challenge to improve your opportunities to meet a quality man online--and avoid much of the frustration of online dating. And, good news! You don't have to be online dating right now to benefit.

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What We're Doing in the Challenge:
  • We’re creating an Online Dating Strategy for you so that you can avoid the biggest online dating mistakes and improve your opportunities to meet a quality man online who will love and adore you.
  • We’re creating a plan that will be yours to keep and benefit from as long as you need. 
  • We’ll do this over 5 days together. At the end of this 5 days, you’ll have a plan that you can put into place now if you are online dating, and if you aren’t, you can put it into action as soon as you like.

I Will Show You How to:
  • Develop a great mindset for online dating
  • Find the best online dating site for you
  • Create an inviting online profile by using “man language” to speak to the heart of a man (and avoid the biggest profile mistakes)
  • ​Send first messages that make for a great conversation—and that invite a man to reach back
  • Invite a man to move from texting to meeting in-person or the phone without appearing pushy
  • Define the type of man you’re looking for and know how to describe him in your online profile
  • ​Choose your best photos that invite men to reach out
  • Avoid wasting time texting and communicating before meeting in person
  • Have a great first date (which includes knowing who should pay for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd date.)
  • ​Avoid much of the drama of online dating in ways that are easy to understand and that are uncomplicated. 

How I Will Coach You

I’ll give you an online dating Challenge Plan you can download every day for 5 days and fill in as you go through my LIVE training.

I’ll be showing you exactly what to do to improve your results online. Your personal online dating strategy will be built from proven research and techniques that I learned online before I married, and as a dating and relationship coach.

I’ll teach you LIVE through Facebook in a closed, private group. If you can’t attend live, the recordings will be available for you to view—and even keep--if you become a VIP member (more information in the upcoming pages.)

You’ll be added to my special Online Dating Challenge private Facebook Group so you can interact and receive support from other women who know what it’s like to stand in your single shoes.

I will give you specific actions you can take each day that are easy to understand and implement.
If you follow the plan that I give you in the challenge, you’ll be able to avoid numerous online dating mistakes that lead to discouragement and frustration.

I’ll be there supporting you every step of the way.

Important Disclosure:

I can’t promise that you will meet a man online. That would be unwise. Women implement what they learn differently and it's ultimately up to each woman to take action. 

What I can promise you is that the strategy I will share has worked for other women online—and it’s far better than becoming completely frustrated, shutting your heart down and giving up. Research shows that online dating is now the #1 way that couples meet. Why not give a new strategy a try?

I can also promise you that I will give you information designed to encourage you for your online dating journey. (And we could all use a little encouragement, right?)

And, finally, I can promise you that I understand. I have stood in your single shoes and I know what it’s like to single longer that expected. I finally married (happily!) at 46. The dream you have to love—and be loved—is possible too! 

The Cost:

This 5-Day training is FREE. Why? Because I care about helping women with their love lives and I hope you'll take this training. Then I hope you'll stick around for a while so we can work together more and I can be part of your happily ever after. 8-) 

Start Date and Disclosure: 

This Online Dating Challenge will be for 5 consecutive days and will begin on May 10, 2021 at 7:00 PM Eastern Time. We’ll end on May 14, 2021. Again, if you can’t attend live, the recordings will be available.

Plus, as soon as you register, you’ll receive an email invite to my private Online Dating Challenge Facebook group.

Please Note:

You’ve probably noticed the countdown timer on this page. As soon as the timer hits “zero” registration ends and this free offer for this training disappears.

If you’ve read this far, my guess is that you want to join me for this free, 5-day challenge 8-) so you can improve your opportunities to meet a quality man online and avoid the biggest online dating mistakes.

This challenge will help you do that. I invite you to sign up now by clicking the button below.

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